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AAAOFSJ Presents An interview with Brian Appleton "Shamshone" the sun of Assyria

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Every year I throw a Norooz Party to thank Iranian Americans for the hospitality and care that Iranians gave me for the 5 years I lived in Iran.

Dancing at Norooz party 2007Haft sin at Norooz 2007
The purpose of writing both my first book which is autobiographical entitled “Tales From The Zirzameen” about my personal experiences in Iran and “Shamshone, Sun of Assyria; five generations of a family from Iranian Azerbaijan” is to glorify Persian culture and ethnic diversity and to improve mutual understanding. I am very much an advocate of peace with Iran which requires “Citizen Diplomacy” since our governments have their own self-serving agendas and are failing us not to mention subjecting us to a barrage of negative propaganda about Iran.

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More about the Lady in Red. Thanks to Abbas Soltani for providing a picture. He gets a free book.

Lady in Red

Lady in Red movement has been born in Tehran, thirty two years after she is gone...

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Brian has just released his first book of poetry called, "1000 Years at the Bottom of a Well; reflections of a soul." You can order by clicking here.


The Tales From the Zirzameen is now available in paperback, from Tate Publishing or Paypal..


Shamshone, Sun of Assyria is now available on Amazon. Click here.


Cary Law has again been the first person to buy Brian's new book of poetry: "1000 Years at the Bottom of a Well; reflections of a soul"


Cary Law was also the first person to buy
Brian's new book Shamshone, Sun of Assyria on Jan 25th, 2013

*First book order for The Tales of Zirzameen placed by Cary of Hong Kong


Cary from Hong Kong

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Shohreh Agdashlou and Golam Hossein Nakhshineh in Parvin Ansary's film 'Sorab-e-Soltanieh'

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