Summer Dreams

Like Cottonwood seeds adrift in the sunlit air
 my thoughts return to the lazy dog days
 of summer; the slow meandering river
 the fish who fought over my bait
 and who got to end up
 on my dinner plate;
 the ducks expoding
 into the air when
 I startled them
 in reeds
 slamming …
me onto my keester
or the turtles with only the tips
of their noses above the water; what need did
they have of man and their battles and traffic sounds
and factories belching smoke here in the swamp of life’s creation
among the dragon flies and the cookoo cookoo of the bird of the same name
always off in the distance; my Tuscan childhood, my black field spaniel waiting for me to
come home while my rooster guarded the gates from all intruders there is no going back  but I carry
my  memories forward with me through this lonely path called life and they comfort me like old friends
as nothing round me looks familiar any more as little dust swirls  twist and squirm beneath relentless wind
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