Blind Faith

I feel some poetry coming on
my country cousins make
peace of life’s adversity
by seeing God’s hand
in everything and
thinking it all has
a purpose
but I do
find this

blind faith
consoling, like
Marx said religion
ia another opiate but
i do know that there is
a natural religion in human
beings, a spirituality born with
that no domes or spires or crosses
or walls can contain and there are other
dimensions we can experience but not explain
which have little to do with the so called words of
God written by old men who wish to control everything
and everyone like just another form of dictatorship not much
different from a multi national corporation or an empire with the
biggest army but what do they know of spirits and ethereal beings
whom they will meet upon death when they will learn you can’t take it
with you and they are not in charge of what already is from long before
the dawn of civilization and mankind
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