Death by Drowning

My brothers Hedeyat and Poe would know this vast
void within my soul manic depressive that I am
I ride the highs and lows like a roller coaster
life is a constant state of bobbing up and
down in the sea trying not to drown
dead children strewn across
the beach paying the price
for our stupidity, their
little souls fly
at the
other end
of the tunnel
we can’t see without
an altered state so far
and few between what
Dark Age are we living in
we are all condemned men
condemned to ignorance and
profitting from other people’s sins
how quietly the ice retreated leaving
flattened fields strewn with stones from
other places without names and all alone as
once again Antigone admonishes the general
that “you are mistaking a grave yard for peace”
“Per chance to dream,” aye Willy? “There’s the rub…”

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