is there a forest big enough to hide our sins
an ocean deep enough to drown our fears
I want to toss out all the sand bags so
that this balloon can rise into
the clouds where all things
look the same although
their shapes are
I could be
the waves
which crash
upon your shore
and you the sand
so we could rub away
all sharp edges of beach
glass to turn them into smooth
Roman tears like the one once I
found walking along a gravel path
in old Rome, I passed the hippodrome
where chariots once raced and thought
I heard cheering of a crowd upon the distant
wind, there is an eagle high up in an ice blue sky
I know he reads my thoughts as I try to have none
like Zen friends I have known beneath the dome of eternity
in total silences rises the golden moon just as it has done for
every night since it was born, she’s run away from the court and
her hand maidens left to cry and beg forgiveness when sun god
comes looking in the dawn for his daughter; once more I hide within
trees in the woods of my youth with a sense of urgency I never had before

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