Goddess of Women

although I have loved many women in my life
Don Juan I am not because he loved them not
I didn’t realize at the time that I was
loving the same personna in them all,
the same entity all along hiding in
their bodies, the goddess of
women who lives inside
each one…if I were
an ancient Greek
Hera would be
her name
how she
has eluded
me for decades
shape shifting more
than her husband Zeus
I made love to her despite
how she appeared, she is every
mother, every daughter, every aunt
every sister, every lover, she is there
and I can only love her and own her not
or like a cat overwhelmed by too much affection
she will scratch and bolt longing to be free and if
I struggle to hold onto her she will slip away like sand
from my fingers and be gone looking for another body
to possess, so I must content myself with the few glimpses
I have had of Hera at her best before she turned me into stone
like the Medusa or a stag like Actaeon by Artemis or into a pig by
Circe who knew men’s true nature the best for she is never content
to leave men as they are and in this perpetual trial I’m on I rest my case

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