The King Must Die…

no matter how good a friend, a brother he has been to me
it is wrong to be ruled by a king, no more room have we
at the inn for kings anymore and he must abdicate
and abscond and not plunder the public treasury
on the way to exile in Spain like all the rest
or he will be murdered by an angry
proletariat whom he cheated
out of their lives in the
name of God like all
the other Caesero
Papists, he will
have his head
cut off like
old king
a wall like
cousin Nicky
let them eat bread
said Marie Antoinette
before a 40 year reign of
terror while the nobility without
port folio day dreamed about old
times in their Belle Époque, but we
say Sic Semper Tyrannis, the king must
die, Et Tu Brute asked Julius incredulous
after all he had done for Rome, well life goes
on and soon Ozimantius is forgotten by the youth

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