Before time began, I ran down to the ocean
and jumped in never to return again
to the place where I was born
the radioactive fall out came
down in the rain Hiroshima
mon amour, the cat
rubs and rubs
against my
to mark
them as hers
god only knows
what she wants them
for, it is not for me to say
nothing makes any sense
any more and I’m just along
for the ride, only the animals
seem sure of what they’re doing
so from them I should learn, the hawk
up in the sky circles round looking for mice
and manages just fine without ever asking why
make me the falling rain in my next life so I can slake
the thirst of the dry earth and make things grow in spring
and I promise I will never ask you for anything again my lord
nor from any of your kin nor jinn that rule the forbidden desert sands

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