Passage to India

I found some ancient rupees in my jodpurs that Kipling never knew
if being blue like Krishna is what it takes to attract the Gopi
milk maid girls then I want to be blue too, I never wanted
groupies as a rule I always found one hard enough to
handle but perhaps they find their courage and basic
lust collectively in numbers chasing me through the
primevil forest trees in quest of carnal
knowledge amidst the borage
like pappa bear and his bowl
o’porrage and Dog Patch
on Sadie Hawkins Day
mixing my metaphores
like drinks to serve up
at the alter
of absurditee
I’m in a playful
mood just now so
come what may I’m
ready for you baby on
the road to Mandalay where
flying fishes play or so they say
oh mimsy were the borogroves and
pillow talk ruled the day if there is to be
a coronation in this Amazon nation why not today?

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