Blue Hawai

Once I caught a naughty whale by the tail
and she took me for a ride around the
ocean but then she got the notion
to dive to the bottom leaving
me afloat in the middle
of the doldrums
hoping for a
of its
to lend a
helping hand
I floated about
for an eternity boiled
by the sun by day and
sung to by the moon at night
unless of course the clouds covered
her up when finally along came Honu
who gave me a ride to the other side of Oahu
where Pele shook me up like in the Elvis song
we danced the hula until the dawn she clad only
in a thong but then Mauna Loa did erupt and as usual
I could not finish what I started so here I sit pining for her
all along impervious to the endless train of wahini’s passing by and
somewhere on the breeze I here Queen Lili’uokalani singing Aloha Oe
from her prison in her palace if I were only man enough to liberate her now
I am no good without the ocean and the rocking of the waves along the shore

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