Divas and Lesser Gods

some lesser gods wear their immortality upon their sleeves
just to impress us mere mortals here below and blow
by blow they regale us through the media with
everything we never wanted to know
about them from heart break
to ridiculous names for
their children and
their pets, I’d
up all the
in nets and send
them off to sea in a
ship of fools never to return
and leave this mother earth for
all the animals to inherit while she
licks the wounds that we have left her
and in a silence greater than before the
dawn of man and womankind eternity sits
and ponders where to throw its cherry pits
if we could only shut up long enough to hear
what He has to say and I for one will sit upon
the bottom of the ocean looking out at the wall
of blue water where life was born and long to return
to the waves to recieve Aphrodite in my arms from her
scallop shell and if she were to bed me for one hour I’d
never complain again or so I tell myself but I am but an
elf running around the toad stools waiting for the rain to fall
while the busy ants go about their work always prepared for worse
poets like me and the grass hopper are here to entertain while we still can

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