Do you suppose the Kim Kardassians of this world
ever read Jean Paul Sartre or struggle with the
meaning of life and dwell in states
of existential nausea or do they
just worry about their make up
and their next hot date or
husband or which hotel
room they will trash
next or lamborgini
they will crash
or which
world class
beach they will
frolic upon or which
twenty thousand dollar
hand bag they will buy next
while the dead spirits of Bijan,
Prada & Oscar De La Renta look
on, I see the homeless sleeping on our
sidewalks and the hungry begging food
outside the hamburger chains which have
sent 100 million cattle to their death and wonder just
what kind of a god we worship and who will remember us
after we are dead when our birthday rolls around again and
the trust fund we left our children is long gone to the last pawn

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