Tonight the moon laughed at the sea

the rock band played on

while born again Christians

held up banners calling us sinners,

liars and fornicators that I should be so lucky;

I know if there is a God He loves us all equally;

He let my mother live another day;

bewitched my kitchen faucet broke then fixed itself;

my car broke then fixed itself; like a healing force reached out to

all things in its path; was it Christ who said doctors are for the

ill not the well; what mockery men make speaking for the

Divine on whose authority; there is something healing about

communism and Godlessness; “atheism the new religion”

spirituality has no place within the architecture of mankind a

tree, a leaf, a mountain, a spring are all more conscious than

men and if you want to find heaven follow the fish and the

birds and notice their lack of words

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