The angry clouds lay heavy in the sky, dark grey and without moving
they taunt us and our thirsty land for we long for the rain which
they withhold coy like a cat that will not let us give it affection
it turns its back on us and as if that’s not enough
humidity runs high and muggy today more
like the deep South than the West Coast
I smell the water in the air but
it won’t give in to our desire
and now the darkness
has set in and my
weather fish
to the
pressure swim
frantically up and down
they too languish for want
of relief and I feel the tide rise
within me with every passing woman
that I can’t have for I am foresworn to another
my ship never came in but rather ran aground on
some deserted atoll and has left me wondering if I will
ever know her arms again, the mocking clouds above make
fun of me for she has chosen solitude and no longer wants me…

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