I fell into a crack in time one night for three years, a hidden garden
in which I did not belong, the forbidden fruit always tastes
sweeter so I’m told but then again I didn’t think
I was being particularly bold at the time
I drifted into a different space
within our space that no
evangelist or ranting
priest would know
has nothing to do
with faith or what you
believe my friends, what is is
and nothing your five senses perceive
is the whole picture, reality is so much more
complicated than that, do not try to explain with
words, that is pouring sand down a snake hole that
never ends, your sea of words, your declarations of faith & dogma
even your prayers to a God you have created after your own image
none of that has any bearing at all on the dimensions beyond our physical
senses, cherish your moments of trance and altered states so far and few
between because it was only in those brief glimpses that you were knowing
a little more about the true nature of yourself… words, words, words will not
help you swim across the English Channel nor build you an airplane nor
will they take you to a place of gnosis, be kind to your fellow human
beings not because Satan is waiting to welcome you into hell if
you are a mean and greedy bastard who relishes hurting
others but rather because you know it is the right thing
to do in your heart and you don’t need a deity to tell
you that or gain your obedience through fear
or even love, just follow the Golden Rule
if you want to live in a happier world
and understand that your spirit
has nothing to do with all that
the sun rises whether
the sky is clear or
cloudy makes
no difference
to the sun
so let it

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