I long to wander through a dark forest without knowing
where I am or where I am going or to be lost under
the sea or in out space because then my outside
would match my inside for I am lost in inner
space and can no more find my way than
a new born baby with only memory
to serve me of things I once
experienced so long ago
the separation anxiety
of letting go of your
body and what
you know to
which persists
in knocking on the
door of your soul and will
not desist or go away like the
homeless beggars so easy to dismiss
as you hurry by without a further thought
without making eye contact with their empty eyes
my soul wants out and tires of being trapped in this
gilded cage surrounded by desires and ambitions and
greed and all the many things that plague mankind making
it difficult to sustain one pure thought for longer than a moment
before it is desecrated by your doubt and fear and lust and longing
give me your diamond mind Buddha, still my wondering thoughts, cast
me into that well, seal me in that cave, that tomb until I once again see
the light within the darkness expelling night, I want to fly again like a kite…

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