The Jinn Within

In solitude I find my solace and my strength
like Antaeus and his mother earth I cannot
be long without silence, it gives me all
I need to maintain my sanity and
find the inspiration inside me
that I have but often doubt
which gives me the
fortitude to carry
on against all
odds and
it frees
the jinn
from my bottle
no need have I
for the gregarious,
the boisterous, the
braggadocio’s and the
self proclaimed anything
just listen to the stillness
inside you, the eternity and
infinity within your core, that
part of you sharing divinity with
that which we cannot name or see
especially not the 99th name for which
people have been burned as blasphemers
in his name and still are under a different flag today
I’ll shun the crowds and comingle with the forest trees
before I will reveal or confess to anything that isn’t heathen
I’m looking for my inner shaman have any of you seen him lately…

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