Villain Victim Rescuer Triangle

my happiness has been stolen by a beautiful crippled bird
I tried to help it learn to fly; instead however it sucked
my blood dry; I am a shadow of my former self;
 like dead leaves on a branch that once
was emerald green; I, me, mine
 was all that bird ever cared
 about; today still
 it’s hobbling about on one leg
and no wings chirping me,me,me
suddenly worrying about how much
things cost; credit cards maxed out; no
more designer bags, chirp, chirp, chirp no
alimony, no palimony, no Cartier, no Prosecco
no endives, no more Sevruga
no more Louis Vuitton
only now I’m hobbling too
and still I am waiting for love’s reward
but I’m finding it’s not here perhaps it comes
with letting go and not wanting anything any more;
no desire no expectations is that freedom and then mysteriously
according to the sufi universal love is supposed to replace love for
an individual person; I have spent a lifetime waiting for a ship that
never comes in like my friend the lady in red of Mehdun e Ferdowsi;
I see her still I have so much love in my heart to give to a woman; I am
just a simple soul for that is really all I want not enlightenment
nor Sama but that doesn’t seem to be my destiny which
seems to be more suited to serve a woman’s vanity
I am condemned to loneliness and can only
imagine how many hearts I must have
broken in former lives to get to this
place of solitude and loneliness
and sorrow where poetry
becomes my only
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