Summer Dreams

I’m there again upon the beach among the tamarind trees
where the stream flows into the vast Pacific Ocean
and the breeze and rocking motions of the
waves like the hips of the Hula dancers
sway the beat of life goes through
our veins and Pele sleeps
a million fishes play
over the reefs
as the swells
push them
here and
the liquid
sunshine and
the Mystic Sea Bird
with its trailing tail flies
over the emerald cliffs where
a string of white is a water fall
making its way to the Wailua River,
and hear the silence reigns and Jungle
Fowl scratch in the dirt for bugs and tree
branches bend under the weight of mangos
and in the Fern Grotto they sing the wedding song
memories of my youth come flooding in from all directions
especially making love to that sassy fox girl in old McBryde’s
Garden on the ground in the giant purple Coleus plants
when no one was around to spy but the birds singing
in the tropical pines above and the bees buzzing
the flowers in the long rays of light
like undulating curtains
filtering down

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