River Bed

A river passed through here where now only the outlines
of its bed can be seen from the air, a different
world the hawk sees than ours I’m sure
it sees every little move of creatures
smaller than your hand 1000 feet
away just as the sorcerer reads
your mind from across
a galaxy of stars
and hears your
what can
he do to
your pain
foment a revolution
to empty out your jails again
then which barbarian will become
your bloody head of state, wahing
wars, a reign of terror will begin and end
in 40 years just like in days bygone because
people pass on the same techniques of power
which never change from one generation to the next
even to generation x but surely spring will bring in change
something new before it rots in the summer heat and youth
will cling to the ideals that can’t be proved because they’re worth
believing in like the Second Hand Lion said unlike us old jaded ones

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