Life after Star Bucks

It is hard to think in Star Bucks without ear buds

A string of skulls about my neck, I awoke a demon this fine morn
a mace with spikes as tall as men, a head full of many twisted
horns I’ll frighten you to death and then eat your spawn
your first born I will make my slaves to harvest my
babies for my breakfast daily like old Cronus
and dine upon my enemies like Emperor
Bokassa, friend of Moammar and Giscard,
who had a death sentence commuted
to life then to 20 years then
he was freed in a
general amnesty
apostle only
to die of heart
attack shortly after
how is it humanity let’s
itself be ruled by the insane
and respects only fear I want
to know and I the demon king of
your dreams will swallow all the bombs
you own like Rodan and leave you wishing
you were never born because you are the ants
in my garden and I am the giant pangolin and I vow
death to ignorance…no more sitting on the fence keep
me away from saturated fat and caffeine and tobacco and
all the other things which you call food processed to sit forever
on shelves one million years waiting for the next generation of elves

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