Unholy Matrimony…

I see the Demon Rum in your eyes as you go to your room
and shut the door every night propped up by Dutch
Courage and I wonder how much longer it can
go on like this with no one ever home
in a mind that has no reason to
despise itself the way you do
and I ran out of tears long
ago for you and wonder
how you manage
to go on blaming
me for every
that ever
goes wrong
you turn my world
upside down, I am well
loved by my friends and peers
but you have none, not even one
and yet you say I hate the world and all
things do you know me at all I wonder or
only the person you wanted me to be that
never was there is something quite unnatural
about marriage which was never intended to be
a life sentence but then again we compromise ourselves
into the grave because who can afford divorce these days
by the time I get my life back I will be so old I will probably
be on crutches if my ticker doesn’t give out first, by the time
my celebrity is finally recognized by the world I will be as
wrinkled as a sharpei but where will you be then,
a washer woman in the home of some rich
family if you are lucky I suppose after
you have run through all the assets
the law made me leave for you
are we put on this earth
to suffer…I wonder
see this? You
can’t have it…
as elusive
as that
pot of
of the rainbow
why don’t you run
away with a Leprechaun
who’ll share his pot and wine
and at least leave me alone in peace

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