When the long awaited rain finally came down upon us we did not know
how to thank our gods and so they struck us down with plagues
and floods of frogs and blood and salt so nothing could grow
and our babies drown in the rivers that ran through our
homes talking all things we had saved all our lives
with them on their journey to the sea or under
ground where no one could see them ever
again and if ever I had needed a friend
it was then but now that I have found
the love of my life I ask you why
now like in the poem of Hafez,
of Shiraz once again I live
with the memory of your
young face in all its
glory which never
leaves my mind
but you are no
longer here
to nurse
my wounds
and read me
nursery rhymes
in the second childhood
of my demise and descent
into anonymity the disease I have
always feared and despised lost in the madding crowd

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