“The Tangled Webs We Weave”

There seems no way to unravel the webs we have tied ourselves up in
as the clock ticks on year after year suddenly decades are gone
but in our hearts and the psychological landscapes in our
minds time has not changed anything and some of
us are in arrested development, why can’t we
let go of things like the one who broke our
hearts so long ago but we close our
eyes and can still feel their Judas
kiss upon our lips like it is just
happening now, the wounds
that never heal in life
until we die
and even then
like hungry ghosts
we carry them with us
perhaps into the next life
who knows for sure but certainly
we would not all instinctively fear death
if what comes next is better, like a dear friend
of mine once said to me on the occasion of my father’s
death “where does all the energy go, all the effort and resources
that were put into developing who we are…” I do not know my friends
but I can only speak from my own experiences of the unknowing and it
doesn’t end here of that much I am certain for in trance what I experienced
was more real than what we know of the things our 5 senses let us perceive
and feel and it matters not what all the prophets and old priests tell us to believe
in, what is needs no proof and what isn’t can’t be proved, the cycle of birth and
death goes on like a perpetually spinning wheel and one cannot exist without
the other in samsara where we have invested all our energy, a friend of
mine of a Catholic bend once told me that we spend all our time trying
to be mortal when our real nature is immortal…I say let’s enjoy the
silence for learned discourse has not changed anything…
to understand the tide does not stop its rise and fall

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