Great beauty has the serpent which beguiles its prey
with its charm like the seductress who only wants
a lay, forgotten is the innocence of children
at play; it is they who have the visions
of angels not adults whose dulled
senses perceive nothing
jaded by life’s burdens
and cynicism’s knife
which cuts away
anything that
into being
like two lovers
kisses in the night
which bring about the
miracle of life, the babies
laughter comes also with the
cries, the sleepless nights, the diaper
changes and endless needs which only
grow more complex over time, it is parenthood
letting go and taking back forever like the tides as
they rebel, stumble and fall and always blame you no
matter what upon that you can count but in the end how
better to define yourself and spend your time than helping
them grow up and fulfill their dreams if you can; from out our
bedroom window at the Hotel Cristobal Colon we watch the
marching band parading through the streets of Barcelona and I
remember in this romantic place with white geese swimming round
a fountain outside the medieval cathedral the twinkle in my eye began
his life and in moments of vulnerability he might actually thank me for it…

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