No title, no certificate, no asset, no investment,
no magic numbers, no lover, no amount
of friends, no prayers to a silent god
will reveal to you your true nature
my dear friend, no PhD, no
bachelors degree will get
you there to the place
of silence your soul
longs to be
all the book learning
in the world will not relieve
you of your fear of dying but
meditate visualize your place on
the top of the world in a mountain
fastness far from the running stream
of thoughts which goes through your mind
like a hurricane and never runs dry, like a burst
damn, like a traffic jam in L.A. no movie magic, no
rock band, no video game, no smart phone, no email
will save you now so listen to your breathing and embrace
the stillness of eternity and perhaps a fawn will shyly appear
to you from the woods with Buddha walking at its side He smiles
at you and you know that path leads to a place you couldn’t remember
but will now, the minute you see it again in the space between the world
you know, your soul needs to be taken out upon a walk from time to time
and it beats lying in your bed dying in an unconscious morphine induced state
which is the best that modern science can do to wish away the unexplained and
abandon you to the unknown, embrace your fear, become the night, the darkness
become the predator about to leap and overtake its prey and dance with Nataraja
if he comes your way, stop rejecting the advances of your soul who like a jilted
lover pines while it waits for you to find her in your heart and become fully
alive with powers beyond all understanding while the blind lead the blind
through prayers for your soul to rest in peace and know not the joy
you are experiencing right now to fly and be free to shape shift
and be wherever you think and read other people’s minds
especially when they are thinking of you, yes dear
mother as I often do so save your prayers for
the living while samsara turns the prayer
wheel forever chasing rainbows
while your karma ripens
I am a court jester
in an emperor’s
court who has
killed more
but I can tell
you without hesitation
he is blind and has no clothes
even if they are by Givenchy or YSL
a prepubescent child has greater vision
than this ne’er do well who has earned himself
a place in hell in good company I am most assured

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