Labor Pains

In the earliest light of dawn as fingers of the sun reach up over the hills
I’m gone and all their calling won’t bring me back or find me here
because in my dreams I’m back where I belong beyond
the rules of day and night and all opposites
the things which were so important to me
back in the day matter not at all and
memories are still alive here
in this realm between
the earth and clay
of our bodies
and the
we cling to
in lieu of the light
where we are free
to come and go in the shadow
of His might like the passing of a
behemoth over our heads while we
shelter in its wake drawn along by the
currents it creates our spirits know the way
and all the tears we cried that filled the oceans
back home were not at all in vain once you get here
like the way a mother forgets her labor pains the instant child
is born and their bond forever is attained from seeming no where

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