Capo Testa Ancora

In my dream strange rocks shaped like modern sculptures
danced around me and kept me on my toes
lest I be crushed; it seems like suffering
is our destiny and we never get
enough; in an instant your
happiness can be
snuffed and
and sorrow
and time tries
to heal you but
your memories do
not leave you any rest
trusting no one has earned
you loneliness, so long ago
you left the nest, it no longer exists
one by one your friends and relatives
drop like feathers off a molting bird but
you are not ready to give up the fight called
life no matter how the floor crumbles beneath you
the ivy grows and covers over a multitude of sins; it’s
nature’s way like sharks teeth we are all replaceable and
life goes on, the cat marks my shoes and claims me for her own
and I do not resist because the wildness in her eyes and heart is
the tribe where I belong and her loud purring tells me that I’m not wrong

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