The Turkish Carpet

In silence come back many things to me which I had long forgotten
and things I never knew, I wonder whose hands made this carpet
what their name was and what they looked like and how old
they were, when they lived, which was found in an estate
sale in Nevada which began it’s journey in Caeserea,
Turkey a world away according to the Pakistani
carpet dealer in California I took it to yesterday
who told me it was in the Bakhtiari style
but Turkish from Kayseri and of cotton
on cotton to look like silk, still I
got a good deal I know
because cleverly
I withheld what
I had paid for
it until he
told me
much he could sell it for…it isn’t easy to outsmart a carpet
dealer my friends any more than a card dealer in Reno
in a casino is but playing in the bazaar in Tehran
many times in my past life I have learned a few
things about bargaining let’s just say
I wonder who bought it first
and how many families
and countries
it has passed through and for how many hundred years
until it got here to my house, If only I were a
psychometric what a story it could tell
I wonder if I lay asleep upon it
if it will enter into my field of
dreams and fly away
with me beyond
the moon and
tell me all its
secrets like
that moment of
sweet surrender
when your coyish
lover finally lets you in

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