Back where I belong

I found my bed in a ditch by the roadside one day surrounded by lepers
and beggars of every ilk, I had nothing to give them but music
from my bamboo flute which I cannot play at all when
I’m awake, but in this dream I charmed them
into a line and we marched off to see St
Peter where he awaits at the proverbial
pearly gate and asked him to join us
in a dance around a fairy queen
I’d never seen before who lives
in an acorn cap floating down
the stream of time with no
beginning and no end
while I take note of
nothing but a tiny
wren whose
song has
my heart
whatever that
means and I find no
demons in this land of
moonlight glowing with no
moon where all the light comes
from deep within and here I have no
need for skin, for fear, for loneliness or
any mortal thing you ever longed for from
the first cry you made in your mothers’ arms
we danced round and round until the dawn when
all evaporated into the rising wind and we were gone
perhaps a soldier ant wondering by on a limb noticed us
and will remember for as long as he can and tell his queen
of course she won’t believe him but the important thing is we will

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