Desperate for Love

If I may be so bold her thirst for love was so immense like that mighty African
river of which I am told which ends by fanning out into the vast desert
growing shallower and shallower and wider and wider until a sheet
it goes under ground, her love met his like fire fighting fire
til deprived of oxygen it disappeared in a flash one of
those immense Dolby sounds generated in cinema
insinuating an immense force instantly snuffed out
like a black hole created by the collision of their
hunger no earthly fuel could sustain, where are
they now… beneath some drain, a rip in
the universe, a hole in time mending
their wounds forgotten by a cruel
world like Romeo and Juliet,
only read occasionally in
school, no smiling for
the camera
on stage
one a
mendicant wraith
of shadows in Cairo or
Mount Athos perhaps and
the other a char woman cleaning
other people’s ashes for a living in Bukhara
all but forgotten like thistle seeds blowing in the wind
which whispers their names for the invisible angel of love only to hear
should one exist but of celestial beings I know very little indeed I but a toad

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