Don’t speak to me please, I can see your thoughts clearly…

Like dogs howling at the moon we find no answers in words
in fact naming things is what has separated us from
ourselves, how many languages does humanity
speak at any given time in history and
the languages come and go and
change as do the people
but the thoughts free
of language remain
and silence is
even better
still for
the nature
of reality long
before a single PhD
arrived on the scene
to discredit the existence
of anything for which there
is no empirical evidence but
then again who cares what the
uninitiated think they saw or understood
for there is a face of God that passeth all
understanding as the Christians would say
a reality that can be experienced by anyone who
is willing to relinquish the need to understand because
if one insists on understanding something rationally then
one will never experience the altered state which is the ultimate fate of
man and woman too so boo hoo hoo have a seat and come along on the ride of your life then without any henchmen except your higher self in the pilots seat hovering somewhere just over your head but out of sight like an old
Hawaiian royal, who you the commoner are not allowed to look in
the face so lower your head and let him take you where he will
for he knows you better than you do that voodoo so well for he
is you only you just don’t know it yet, do not assert yourself
just be the passenger and he will show you things you didn’t
know you already knew existed have I made
myself clear my dear old friends from
planet earth and who knows
where else in this galaxy
perhaps a water world
beneath an endless

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