Rain storm brain storm

the dark clouds march in over the hills like an army
invading a dry and thirsty land to flood it with
bullets of rain so all things might turn green
impatient mankind has complained
of drought and Uranus the god
of the sky has heard the
farmers’ prayers
a wall of water
falling from
the sky
his game
is to reveal
the abundance
he is capable of
the rice fields lie under water
trees lean over in the sodden earth
the rivers overflow their banks and all
the fishes in the ocean hover by the rivers’
mouths to capture whatever food comes washing in
so let the scientists tell us it is not enough rain, the politicians
complain the reservoirs are still not full but we the spring frogs and
toads know different and the Vinca vines restored, the yellow hills turned
green once more, an owl in the pine tree hoots all night keeping me awake
waiting for his take as desperate mice surface from flooded burrows in the rain
the little children with their faces against the window panes watch the lighting and thunder roll as Zeus casts about arm wrestling Ares
looking for a fight into dark night

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