In jade forests under the sea on another planet light years from here
you’ll find me swimming with my friends the fishes of every
color known under a rainbow sky of butterflies until
my dream is over and the day begins lined up
in steel and glass boxes on rubber wheels
headed for glass and steel boxes at the
office where someone you have
worked with a decade knows
not the name of anyone
in your family and
likely never will
what world
is this where
we are killed by
strangers who want
your stuff in exchange for
your life and don’t even know
your name and never will, the mortuary
calls up your next of kin to see if they can
sell anything, a bronze coffin, flag, marble urn
for your ashes perhaps and makes them pay for
one last look at you but your not there because you
are flying with the wind happy to have shuffled off your
mortal coils surrounded by the laughter of the universe that
no one hears, tonight there is Orion, Jupiter and Mars and moon
come out to greet you if any of you should care to look and listen
steadfast they are always there watching over us without one word
dragon’s silver eye plays in and out of clouds, this special night is yours

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