All of Solomon’s gold would not secure you heaven nor would
eating bread that isn’t leavened but if you follow the way of
the birds and the fishes you might stand a chance
find the path lined in silence long before
language divided us into a million
pieces, the tower of Babel
playing scrabble
so many
of us
killed in the Lord’s
name, some say you
can’t get there unbaptized
and unchristened, some say only
the newest prophet, the man from Mecca
knows the way, other’s say they are the chosen
people, while others still pray to Vishnu and Ganesh
I say koskesh, some say atheism is the new religion and
the only honest one; well dear friends inside each one of us
is a spirit that needs no name, no fame, no blame, no rationale
no language barrier and if you all would stop chasing pipe dreams
and that endless stream of thoughts that fills your mind with trivia like
a river flowing north, be still and your spirit will reveal itself to you and then
without, tea leaves, without a PhD, without the latest technology you will come
to know and understand that we are all by nature multi-dimensional beings with
our own keys to the garden without having to pay homage to any old man who sits
on a thrown placed on the shoulders of ignorance, a royal family based upon solely
upon circumstance, let’s lance this boil once and for all and stand up tall enough
to see over the wall to the horizon leaving the dogma in the barn with karma
and the old grey bearded Ebenezers to pluck off their nose hairs with
tweezers, I shan’t be coming here again any time soon for I was
happy to leave the womb nigh on 60 years ago and for a
good reason and remember for all things there is
a season, one for joy and one for sorrow
and I will still be your friend on
the morrow despite your
lust for immortality
and fame in
this life as
we know
it on
planet and
we would spurn
the wings our spirit
has given us to fly with
while debating whether to
buy first class or economy while
paying lip service to astrology when all else fails you,
enough I say, now hush and listen to what the silence has to say
and then live to fight another day so pick your battles wisely because
your daddy always told you that you cannot possibly fight them all now
so up against the wall and raise your hands, admit you know no more about
spirit than you did the day you were born and less by the minute so hush and make space inside your head for visitors from whom you could learn much
about the reality you think you know so well on the good intention paved
road to…you spent all day at the wishing well for what, your lotto
ticket had the wrong number and was from a different state
and besides all that you were very late to your own
party so learn humility and chill and bend your
will to the silence inside you waiting for
you to wake up and embrace it
rather than fill each day
trying to erase it
hasta la vista

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