Suburb Burp Revisited

How did this happen to me, I have become a zombie
going through the motions in Suburb Burp
as Harriet use to say; there was so
much garbage that she and I
would celebrate its artistic
qualities, she spent
her entire married
life pent up in her
attic painting
and so it
it has become
my destiny a shut in
once world traveler who
slept in the forests and the sand
dunes of wild lands where tents were
the norm not houses and each night we
bathed in star light and listened to the scratching
and foraging of the bandicoots and little critters we
share this existence with in the dark; but now its the supermarket,
the shopping center, the auto parts store, the UPS store and the only
familiar faces are the cashiers while this vast army of consumers flow through
like the rise and fall of the tides with never the same face,where do they all
come from I would ask myself but the answer is the same place I come
from, anonymity…whether here or there it makes no difference
corporations celebrating sameness the world over and
then offering you features to individualize their mass
produced gadgets, they cannot define the human
spirit nor capture its imagination, you have
shackled us with debt and thrown away
the key but your chains cannot
contain my mind

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