Somewhere in the dawn I am remembering things long forgot
of early childhood and how many times I rode the bus
from home to train and train from Livorno to Rome
and back; it’s like a dreamscape now I have been
gone so long that when I go back it doesn’t
look entirely familiar anymore; no where
can I call the hills of home my own
pieces of my childhood are in
Japan and Greece and Italy,
and Iran and France
and there is no way
to weave them
back together
again like
a broken
my fractured
life goes on day
after day through
the motions but my
heart is somewhere else
where I am not sure any more
my friends are scattered in the wind
to the four corners of the earth and in this
bloody suburb I have been stuck in for 25 years
it is as barren as the Rub Al Kali, not one lasting
friendship have I made in this world famous Silicon Valley,
strange place to come to where the transiency is huge and
people are constantly coming and going and when you come
back from overseas to this vast and mighty impersonal empire
rather than the American Dream you face a world of indifference
where everything you want to accomplish there are already a million
other people better qualified and better at it than you are and so you slowly
sink into anonymity ground slowly down by the system in which you must work
non stop until you drop just to keep your debts down to a manageable size while
they brainwash you about how important you are as an individual while they make you feel like you count for absolutely nothing and when there is nothing left to harvest from you they move on to the next victim and leave you for dead
and all I can say is thank God I have a positive enough self image that
I don’t let them define who I am even if I don’t follow the latest trend
or own the latest technological gadget and to all the consumer
rubbish that passes for culture and community and clan
I say va fan cullo and I will say it again and again
today I was left hanging in a phone tree for
seven and 1/2 minutes as the recording
said I was 5th in line, then 4th in line
and so on until when it was finally
my turn I got a recording asking
me to leave a message and
they would call me back
and they never did
and this was a
whom I
God help the
actual customers
and they call this progress
we have become a mighty beached whale
crushing ourselves under our own weight I fear
not even the simplest things seem to work anymore
like human relationships, the genders are at war and
one out of two marriages ends in divorce but the giant
corporations reap all the rewards while they take us down
divorce means twice as many households, twice as many
appliances and electronic equipment and who cares about family

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