Shall I pray like a heathen to the moon which at least shines in the dark
showing me the way, the God of the monotheists seems to be far too
busy to notice all the wars started in his name and all the
priests who speak for Him while doing exactly what
they please; I wonder what He is up to lately cuz
He sure ain’t here; but I would settle for a
lesser god or even just a sheik if he
could open up the windows
to my soul and let it out
from time to time like
a prisoner walking
the prison yard
why should
it be so
one speaks
of such things
to this spiritually
starving world they
take you for a blasphemous
lunatic and would sooner burn
you at the stake in good company
with all the other witches and heretics
than give you a lick of their ice cream cone
again I am alone waiting for the dawn and
that inner well spring that kept me going
once before life became so thick
like hardening cement
my boots are in
like mobsters
in old films

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