Somebody Twice as Smart as I

July 6, 2014

All those tough love, tough guy movies where they say: “I made my
choices and I never looked back” but the past keeps marching
forward also along with you, you carry it inside; like the
tortoise and the hare you try to stay one step ahead
of it, but one day it will catch you sleeping and bite
you on the ass; try as you may, you cannot
outdistance it and when the chain is all
played out the anchor lodges on the
bottom where you belong and you
will run in circles like the cartoon
character with one foot
nailed to the ground, they
say before 40 you have the
face God gave you but after 40
you have the face you made, it’s true
that beauty is only skin deep and a line
will form of all the hearts you broke to take
a look at who you really are and I will be leading
the charge they will see you laying on a bed of lies and
broken promises made while you were off pursuing your feelings
your bloody sacred feelings that no one can argue with or hold you
accountable for while your thieving shrink tells you to learn to forgive yourself

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