Even the most powerful shark out of water is rendered helpless
to soon rot and smell; how busy are the microbes that break
things back down to basic elements; most of the iron
on earth was taken out of solution and deposited
by microbes; I wonder at how the atoms
evolved from the simplest one in the
periodic table hydrogen
to the heaviest ones
like uranium;
is it all part
of the
off of the
earth from
when it was born
out of the sun; I see
yellow cake lying all about
in the hills around me and know
from it enough fuel rods could be
made to generate electricity for the
whole of humanity; who knows what shape
the future will take, I look into the eyes of old
friends the deer, the quail, the ducks and geese
and know I am with them in spirit; wolves howling
to the moon somewhere in the tundra they belong
like the eagle soaring high above, they witness how we
separate ourselves behind glass and steel and concrete
and talk to people who are not with us at the other end of
of a radio wave worlds away; the tide comes in and recedes
unperceived by any but the divers and the fishermen, we manage
to ignore the ocean and the sky with all our scurrying about like ants
I pine and wish I could go back into trance and for a moment know again;
regain innocence and not be perceived as odd or crazy by the uninformed

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