Like a boat cast adrift the ebb tide carries me further
and further from my native shore, nothing
familiar in these waters here but with
neither paddle nor rudder all I can
do is be carried along by the
current without sight of land
on any horizon I wonder
will anyone remember
me when I find my
way home again
and will it be
home so
I been
gone, my
heart is in
nothing here
I go through the diurnal
motions like a somnambulant
and only anxiety rules my house
of dreams of what was, is not and
may never be again, we all pulled up
stakes and came to this promised land
but here we are on our own and no caring
hand to guide us and no traditions to fill the void
all the porcelain at Fitz and Floyd won’t due in place
of who I was before I ran aground here amidst the Macy
shoppers and all the bitches carrying their Louis Vuitton bags
with their bobbed noses on their way to Zales and Tiffany and Tomorrow
Land out shopping for a rich man to keep them in the style the concubines want
ask them not about the Apadana and the Avesta but rather about Michael Kors

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2 Responses to Arrivistes

  1. zirzamee says:

    Thanks so much!

  2. zirzamee says:

    Frances Harrahy: You are so talented

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