The Arriviste

Her attitude rode higher than her dappled horse
with helmet, jodhpurs and riding crop
eyeing the crowd for her foppish
boy with his ridiculous ascot
and happily ever after
once they tie knot?
I think not…
the first
of rain
she’ll run
for the shelter
of another’s arms
just the same, some
of us mature while others
remain at the same spot in
a psychological landscape where
time does not exist and nothing changes
still looking for parental approval past their
graves, I don’t need it any more just show me
the money honey and with my 401K I’ll buy a tropical
taco lunch wagon in Maui and sleep my way to paradise
while chanting Buddhist monks clack their beads and walk
in circles round my death bed in the trees to ward off the evil
thoughts that some reserve for me as they mistake me for themselves
I shall make my friends among the little menahunees and the leprechauns

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