I surrender to the power of love
another hollow victory says
you who have never
known it
let freedom
ring until the pealing
of ten thousand church bells
in the distance fills you with sweet
memories of her, a dollar for each kiss
she gave you would make you a rich man
so why pretend that you don’t want it as much
as the next person who comes along and the beggar
with his outstretched hand at the side of the boulevard
with hunger on his mind and longing in his eyes and a world
full of lies with his card board sign saying homeless veteran and
God Bless, you won’t get God’s blessing from the rest of those better offs
for sure so demure awhile until the cockles in your heart have left and we
all break into song not worrying where cares have gone at least living
in the moment put down your smart phone and be here now
your children need you more than ever no matter how
clever you think you are they need you more

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