The coronation of the moon fair Artemis condemned to spend
her days far from the sun but always reflecting his light
Apollo turning Daphnes into Laurel trees at least
she’s safe out there far from him and on the
dark side of the moon where my thoughts
often abide when I need to be alone
I meditate like a Zen monk upon
the sound of one hand
clapping and ponder
if a tree falling in
the forest
if no ear
is their to
hear it; I suppose
that depends upon
how we define sound
but situation ethnics not
withstanding and writing the
rules as we go along as our moral
compass spins around on the North Pole
never settling on a path; your broken hearts
hurt just the same no matter how you slice them
and your high paid therapists telling you nothing stays
the same, keep looking for someone to blame while I pay
the bills and take testosterone pills to stay competitive in this
game in the free market system where nothing is free and all is
dispensable especially you; now tell me you knew that all along
while the temple bells ring and booming gongs inside my dream
reach out to me from inside the genie’s lamp called the human brain
always with the same refrain me, me, me; how tiresome is ego once again

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