A Pagan Prayer

The lesser gods and goddesses have left us here and gone back to Mount Olympus,
abandoned us to sort out our own fate and pray to silence, I spent a time in limbo
in my youth in a parallel universe in the same space as our own that we can
only see or be in, in that state between awake and asleep that I never seem
to find anymore but it calls me like a long lost lover from a distantshore
instead I am plagued by the lusts and passions of this earth, of this
flesh, the endless needs of the ego for recognition, power,love,
respect and the mind’s need for meaning overshadowing
the secrets of our souls which already have the keys
to the kingdom if we should ever be still long
enough to listen and to feel our way back
to home where the heart lives; a coyote
yips at barking dogs outside my
room in broad daylight not
even waiting for the
night while a
me awake
singing to the moon
what are they saying
I wish I knew but a million
things obstruct the path to knowing;
duties obligations, bills, pills, drills
wills oh yes bare bodkin be still and let me
stay awhile longer to admire the two clouds
kissing before they shape shift into something else
like love gone awry, love conquers all so conquer me
already and give slippage to my ship when it comes in
sometime before that ship wreck called old ages that wreaks
of what comes next and like a butterfly freed from its chrysalis
at last we fly as high as Zeus will let us trespass in Hermes wake

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