Into the silence like a blanket of fog rolling in I sit and wait
for the rising moon, the stars and planets go about their
business what would mine be here, I stand in the alley
beneath the window of that room I know so well
I am no longer welcome there persona non
grata have I become where once was
laughter and love making and a
child which should have
been mine but
now the halls
are empty
and all
moved on
I know not
when or where
and life goes on
like death in Venice
I wait my turn in quiet
I imagine conversations
they are having and parties
and children running about in
the garden and some handsome
man strumming on his guitar the songs
of love which perhaps I wrote and do not
look for a mote in thy brother’s eye while not
considering the beam in thine own, I got what I
deserved and perhaps I should now return to Merv
different time, different place and all the kings army
and all the kings men couldn’t put me back together again

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