Fini Kashan

Into the twirling water down below my tears did fall
to join the rain off on its journey to the ocean
of briny water the repository of all mankind’s
tears; I patiently await the sunshine and
the laughter since it seems I have
already paid for it in advance
a million times over; shall
I carry you on my back
across the border
like we did in
the war
was out of order
and love could be
bought for a quarter
it seems all sacred things
have gone into hiding in this
dark age living behind a veil of
ignorance we are separated from
one another by fear; will I be murdered
off like Amir Kabir by my insecure sire and
his jealous mother; it might be a worthy end
with the bare bodkin in the baths of Fini Kashan,
rather than die of old age demented and on morphine

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