Into an angry ocean ten thousand soldiers marched to their watery grave
looking for me but I was in the clouds high above the battle cries
where no one can see me now and there I shall remain until
men of arms learn to refrain from unnecessary blood shed
they are told it is per la patria but I think not it is for
Mammon that they fight long into the dark
moonless night for some nameless
war lord like a thousand
before him who
would sleep
with their
they die
in battle
for some so called
leaders only excel at treachery
what is that rotten smell that even
reaches here, is it the smell of rotten
corpses on the beach or is from another
form of corruption that only absolute power
can author and command until the bigger demon
comes along, you hear me Genghis, Tamerlane et al
you are not so lame or powerful now forgotten in the
dust and ashes you helped to burn and salt the ground
showing no mercy to any living thing at all so burn baby burn
in hell where you belong with all the other war criminals of time

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