I hear many angels singing somewhere above night
while people lie there sleeping their souls take flight
how quickly life passes; waves crashing on a beach
our minds full of forces for good or evil to unleash

I would walk in the shadow of a Hindu holy man
if only that he would come around this way again
but so long and far have I from his path strayed
that myself betrayed behind him I have stayed

chasing flickering shiny objects of no consequence
spending my life hiding without any recompense
love knew me well then turned me to a stranger
from that little baby boy who was in his manger

Hear them calling me from afar past morning star
at dawn they’ll be waiting to take me off of Mars.
my long sentence finally served, it’s time to croon
in the good company of the full silver China moon

and if I should die before I wake I pray the Lord,
my soul to take like water returning to its fjord
my flying lessons surely will one day recommence
if I can ever get untangled from this earthly fence

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