Hidden Dragon

In snow fields and the rain my mind finds the silence
and the rest it needs to be reborn, the weak sun
peeks through the solid clouds I fly beyond
to the dark side of the moon to sit it
out until the game is over and
the winner is declared
but like a dragon
in its lair
content to
wait until the
moment is right
to fly, to belch fire
and more, the things
that dragons do we can’t
imagine; what is needs no
proof, what isn’t can’t be proved
and I would give it all up to fly about
in my soul body once again to worlds no
mortal has ever seen or been or even conceived of
but like a fish in the ocean I belong in it without question
I hide in the darkness of the night, the tiger burning bright
in someone’s mind’s eye but here I am jungle and all waiting
for your call my blushing demon lover from a universe far far away
and long long ago when the world was young and so were we and nothing
in decline before the Kali Yuga and the destroyer god Shiva came to town
to question any mortal who wore a crown in the name of divine right
oh yes, we will just see about that the revolution came and went
and left all things turned upside down and still it made no
impression on uneducable mankind apparently and so
I long for the female goddess and the time when
Amazons ruled and schooled in the way of
matriarchy before all this male
malarkey, I would rather be
a fungus with rhizomes
in my mother earth
never to be
from her
like Atalatus
there in lies my strength
and the ebb tide rolls out to sea
never looking back leaving me in my
boat beached on the wrong shore, the native
lore can’t save me now; I know where I belong
and I can safely say it is not here, not by a long chalk

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